About the Band

Smokey’s King Shufflers were formed in July 2017 by John “Smokey” Smith, blues vocalist and harp player originally from north-east England.

He wanted to form a band that played Chicago blues and could perform for blues enthusiast all over the UK.

He recruited Adrian Peregrine on guitar, Sam Collins on bass and Pete Nichols on drums, and the line-up was complete.

Although there are four main members in the band, the Shufflers often invite other musicians to play with them. For example at their first show Plymouth legend Paul Bomber Harris played Hammond organ, which made it an unforgettable night, and a perfect debut for the band.

Since then the boys have travelled all around England with a variety of special guests, taking their Chicago blues show with them.

The Shufflers have developed a reputation for blistering and authentic live performances that are hard-hitting, but full of dynamics. The band can go from a whisper to a roar in the blink of an eye leaving audiences breathless.

The band have just released their first album, King of Clubs, which has received favourable reviews in the media.


John Smith
Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar & Saxophone

Adrian Peregrine

Sam Collins

Pete Nicholls


In addition, the following special guest musicians are sometimes used:

Bomber Harris – Keyboards
Nigel Pugh – Sax
George Comer – Sax
Sean Lloyd – Sax
Matt Truen – Alto Sax

Den Harris – Drums
Ray Meadows – Drums
Sebastian Boleslowski – Drums
Darren Hurworth – Drums
Gareth Young – Drums
George Newsome – Drums
Rory Smith – Drums
Keith Russell – Drums